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Delivery Information

Delivery of flowers, bouquets and houseplants in Minsk and Grodno works without holidays and weekends.

Orders made through the site are processed daily from 9.00-20.00. Orders can be arranged by phone. If the order is made during business hours, within 1-2 hours our manager will contact you by phone to confirm the order and specify the time of delivery convenient for you.

In connection with the increasing volume of orders for holidays (New Year, Tatyanin Day January 25, Valentine's Day February 14, March 8), please place orders for flowers with delivery in advance.

Бесплатная доставка осуществляется только в городах Минск и Гродно!

Flowers delivery in Minsk

Order flowers in Minsk, prices

Free-of-charge delivery is carried out only on a city Minsk, at purchase from 50 rubles within 3 hours inside MKAD. If the order amount is less than 50 rubles, the cost of delivery is fixed and is 5 rubles. Delivery is carried out daily from 9.00 to 18.00, delivery at other times, as well as outside the Moscow Ring Road (but within Minsk) should be coordinated with our manager by phone: +375 (44) 771-77-24 BEFORE YOU ORDER!

Flowers delivery in Grodno

Order flowers in Grodno, prices

Delivery terms depend on the price of the goods. When buying a bouquet from 50 rubles, flower delivery in Grodno is free. Shipping cost - 5 white. rubles when buying a bouquet from 35 rubles to 50 rubles. & nbsp; Delivery of bouquets or flowers worth up to 35 rubles in Grodno is NOT provided! Online prepayment by card is required (only for Grodno)! We recommend contacting our manager in advance by phone: +375 (44) 771-77-24

Quality assurance

Beliana Flower Shop guarantees the harmony of beauty and style of the proposed flower arrangements. We guarantee that all the living components of floral arrangements are fresh.

In case you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, please contact us.
We are ready to replace the bouquet with an equivalent one, if the bouquet delivered by us did not suit you in terms of quality at the time of purchase.
Complaints after purchase are not accepted for consideration, flowers are not subject to return and replacement in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
Some flowers are seasonal and may not be available at this time.

In some cases, we reserve the right to equivalently replace floral and packaging materials with the condition of preserving the general appearance, color gamut and cost of the flower composition. In such cases, we try to coordinate with the customer changes in the bouquet.