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 Phalaenopsis "Angel"
от 69.22 BYN
Buy a beautiful phalaenopsis in Minsk!Unusual, bright phalaenopsis.A great option for a gift, not only for those who love orchids, but also for those who simply love flowers!Buy Phalaenopsis in Minsk. Free delivery from 50 rubles!Buy Faleonopsis "Angel" Netherlands..
Anthurium "Red Winner"
от 26.60 BYN
Anthurium "Red Winner"Anthurium Red Winner is a very beautiful specimen. Leaves are juicy-green in large size. The coverlet is red, the flowery is full of yellow.Many owners of the red handsome complain about his capricious nature. Indeed, this plant with certain requirements..
Пафиопедилум Американский гибрид h40 d12 Нидерланды
от 55.31 BYN
Купить Пафиопедилум, Венерин башмачок в Минске.Высота растения h40 см, диаметр горшка - d12 см.Производитель: Нидерланды.Бесплатная доставка по Минску при заказе от 50 рублей! ..