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Buy ilex (holly)

Buy ilex (holly)

Buy ilex, holly

Ilex is a plant with fruits of red, yellow or orange color. Ilex has been used in floristics for a long time and is popular all over the world, it will be an excellent addition to your bouquet. Vetka ileksa very reminiscent of the fruits of mountain ash and successfully replace them in the preparation of flower arrangements. Featuring good durability in cutting, this exotic plant is often used as a mandatory addition to the winter bouquets of our collection. Want to order a bouquet with ilex? We can help, call: +375 (44) 771-77-24 and we will collect a bouquet of any number of flowers, adding a sprig with red berries. Each design of bouquets individually, we listen to your wishes.

Ileks berries look especially impressive against the background of green branches and symbolize in bouquets wealth and wealth in the family. Ilex is an ideal decorative material, allowing to emphasize the originality of the winter bouquet. We offer you Ilex retail, wholesale and small wholesale. Buy ilex in Minsk or Grodno at the best prices!

The main characteristics of Ilex:


Red, Yellow, Orange

Length (cm)


Approximate freshness (days)


Ilex Availability (months)

1, 2, 12

Ilex Delivery

Free with the purchase of 50 rubles